Advice for New TUST students

Hi Everybody,
Hope you enjoy your year studying at TUST as much as we did and we hope you find our advice useful.
Study Hard!!!
From the class of 2009/2010.

all the classes

No pain, no gain. - Kathy

Know what you want and keep studying hard to achieve your goal,and being active in some clubs is also necessary! - Sunny

Hope you will enjoy your life in TEDA. If you are tired and disappointed, keep going. Do what you want to do. Sing like nobody is listening. Love like you have never been hurt.-Crystal

With time going by,I have been there for a year.I think in the same time next year ,you will have the same feeling as me.Maybe you are not satisfied with the university,at first ,I also think so ,but after one year'study.I find it really does not matter.Everything counts doing well,a good attitude indeed makes something.Please hold on your goal and often think about what you have done. At last "When you are young ,everyday seems like the end of the world.It is not,it is just the beginning!!! " May 09204336

Study hard. Cindy

study English harder and harder by yourself.

Be strong.- Eve

think nxet year
a tire work.I must study harder.- Bob

Our program is really complex and busy. This means once you entered, you should try your best to graduate especially when you want to be a good student.
Remember to finish your work everyday and keep reciting new words.
Don't worry about your scores.
The most important thing is that if you were not so good at English,
you should keep smiling to your teachers all the time and greet them actively with your shining face..
Finally welcome to TUST
from Benchley Season

Come on! You will be the best ones.
By NIci

  • $ and meet us in compus of hexi. Jeff

    “Interest is the best teacher”. Since you choose this major, just does it. Don’t regret. You should work hard. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try your best, and you’ll find a sense of accomplishment - (???)

    You should work hard. And do not miss each class. Every thing is important, they can help you pass the test.Good luck. Kid

    Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get. Joseph

    If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view. ----- Abel **

    Welcome to the beautiful and harmonious campus! You will have a new jurney during the four years. Maybe you will be homesick or something in trouble. Don't worry about that. You will love the school, as I did. During the four years, you should work hard, and get on well with your classmates and roommates. Enjoy everyday you have, don't waste of every minute. You will gain a lot~Tina

    Do not think the university is a place to have fun and it is a time to relax yourself. Study is still a very thing for us. And then, you should learn to make more friends and practice the ability of communicating with others. - Amy

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