Welcome to the T.U.S.T. class Wiki.

You can visit this site any time and add to discussions or try the links and exercises. HAVE FUN!!

To see the sort of things we can do, look at the following link: Wendy's Class Wiki

To start using Wiki spaces you must join. Follow these instructions:

First: Click on "Join this Wiki" - on the left side of the page.

Second: Click on "Join Wiki Spaces Now" - on the right side of the page.

Third: Fill in the form:- Username; password; email address.

In the "Make a Wiki box" choose "No".

Fourth: Click "Join".

Now you can sign in using your new user name and password and you can go to the discussion page and introduce yourself - say hi, write your name, class and something special about you. You can also view your profile and upload a photo for your avatar.